Monday, November 24, 2008

A Visit from Donita K. Paul

Last September, I was part of a huge Christian fiction author's book signing at the Mall of America.

The photo shows my friend Vicki Tiedi (on the left) who hosted the panel discussions in the Bloomingdale Rotunda. On the right of the photo is Donita. She and I did a panel on the genre of fantasy, and took questions from the crowd. It was so fun to share the stage with her, and we knew we'd have a good time together on the Motiv8 Tour, as well.

On the tour, she kindly looked out for me when I was under the weather. It was fun watching throngs of children surround her at our events, bringing her pictures they'd drawn or sculptures of dragons they had made for her.

One day while riding in the car with a pile of stuffed animals for give-aways, her friend Penny said, "Donita, there are dragons blocking my line of vision." Not a sentence you hear in normal daily conversations. Just one example of the fun and adventure that is part of Donita's life.

Be sure to visit her website and learn about her books.

Now, in honor of Thanksgiving approaching, Donita shares ten things she's thankful for:

1.Jesus (of course!)
2.Family and Friends
4.Business Associates—the WaterBrook Staff, the Alive Communications staff, especially my editors and my agent
5.American Christian Fiction Writers
6.The Internet social networks—Shoutlife, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkdIn
7.The Internet Read groups—GoodReads and Shelfari (Anytime I think everyone is watching Netflix and playing video games, I visit these reader spots and breathe a sigh of relief)
8.Living in USA
9.Finding my niche, professionally
10.The knowledge God has provided and still encourages me to pursue

Thanks, Donita! And blessings on all your upcoming projects!



Donita K. Paul said...

You didn't mention the "Hide the avocadoes!" statement. That's another uncommon phrase we probably won't hear again.

Unknown said...

How cool that you got to spend time with Donita at both ACFW and Motiv8.

I enjoyed meeting all of you on the Motiv8 Tour.

You have been presented with the Premio Dardos Blog Award.

Go here for details and to claim your trophy.

Brandon Barr said...

That's cool you got to hang out with Donita.

I wanted to go meet all of you when you were down in Southern California, but it didn't work out with my schedule.

Maybe someday I'll be touring around with you all...maybe...someday...