Monday, January 05, 2009

Article in St. Paul Pioneer Press

Newspaper reviews are rare and precious gifts for a novelist, so I was delighted when a friend told me that the St. Paul Pioneer Press had featured an article about Stepping Into Sunlight, as well as Julie Klassen's book The Apothecary's Daughter.

I appreciated the integrity of the reviewer who admitted that in the past she avoided fiction from Christian publishers because of her assumptions of what it would be. And of course, I was delighted that our stories rang true for her.

I continue to marvel at God's kindness. This was a wonderful treat on a cold winter morning.

I've had some challenges in my life in recent months, and it has been a season that has made me especially grateful of tender gifts from God that come like sips of water in a desert.

Stepping Into Sunlight has gone into its third printing and received some truly affirming reviews. But even better, I've been so moved by the letters I've received - from a reader with PTSD, a young wife whose husband is on his first deployment, a woman battling anxiety who was never able to put words to the experience before and read scenes to her husband.

It reminds me again that God can work His grace through us, even when we feel the most "useless." :-)

Sharon Hinck


WayneThomasBatson said...

Praise God for the article. Coolness. So glad to hear, Sharon! A well deserved bit of praise for a much-needed book. Never alone.


Cheryl Klarich said...

I am in currently reading Stepping Into Sunlight. It is sooo insightful-way to go Sharon!!

Sharon Hinck said...

Thanks, Wayne and Cheryl.
So many folks need encouragement from a character like Penny who understands.