Friday, May 18, 2012

Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt

Like Christian fiction? There’s a fun event coming up…I'm part of a scavenger hunt for upcoming or just-released novels from some of your favorite authors, including exclusive content from each one.

Make the rounds to 25 blog stops, fill out a form (that will be posted on 5/31), and you could win 25+ new novels!

The scavenger hunt runs from 5/31-6/4 noon MST.

Authors taking part: Judy Baer * Lisa T. Bergren * Colleen Coble * Carol Cox * Margaret Daley * Sibella Giorello * Winnie Griggs * Robin Lee Hatcher * Rachel Hauck * Tracy Higley * Sharon Hinck * Angela Hunt * Jenny B. Jones * Maureen Lang * R.J. Larson * Yvonne Lehman * Bonnie Leon * Gail Gaymer Martin * Nancy Mehl * DiAnn Mills * Marta Perry * Cara Putman * Deborah Raney * Kim Vogel Sawyer * Janice Thompson

1 comment:

Brenda S. Anderson said...

Sounds like fun! I can't wait to start. :)