Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Something New

Happy New Year!

As I think about the coming year, and my writing goals, I've been thinking about adaptation and change.

I have visceral memories of writing one of my first stories in pencil on multi-lined paper in the second grade. In fourth grade I typed a story about a horse on an old manual typewriter using onionskin paper and a carbon to make a spare copy. Anyone else remember working with carbon paper?

I was thrilled to upgrade to an electric typewriter in eighth grade. But I also filled blank journals with dreams and musings using a ballpoint pen.

Computers and word processors revolutionized the work of writing, but required more adjustment. I've used a computer to write all my novels, and don't know how I would have managed revisions without one.

Yet I wonder if my writing voice changes with each medium.

One of my grad school professors believed that poetry should never be written on a computer or typewriter all. Poetry required a fountain pen and quality paper.

I continue to look for ways to adapt as a writer.

I'm writing this blog using my Christmas present: voice recognition software. Can I adapt?  I'm not sure. This brief blog has taken many minutes of grappling with the software's misunderstandings. Yet if I can adapt this may be another helpful step forward.

As I have practiced storytelling aloud, letting the software notate the words, I told my computer this was very Star Trek, and I was gratified to discover my computer recognized and knew how to spell, "Star Trek."

On the other hand, my earlier reference to onion skin  was typed as "masculine."

So I fear I have a long way to go.

How about you? Anyone else trying a new skill in the new year?


Sharon Hinck

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