Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Publisher Updates

The publisher of my Sword of Lyric series, (expanded editions), Marcher Lord Press, was recently sold and renamed. The new publisher, Enclave Publishing, has just announced their fall 2014 releases.

They are offering readers a chance to "crowd fund" the print run of the books, and get discounts on the books... in effect, a great discount and special deals for pre-ordering. You can chose e-books or paperback.

Feel free to spread the word, and check out all these great new stories by top Christian fantasy and science fiction authors.

And watch for more info from me about the 2015 release of a fourth Sword of Lyric book.
Yes, I finally finished the last chapter and am working hard at polishing and refining. I'm so excited for readers to find out what adventures Linette and Kieran are having in Hazor, and whether Mark and Susan ever get to see Jake again. :-)


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