Sunday, May 16, 2004

Search For the Restorer Contest

In my new novel, a nation is waiting for a promised Restorer.

So to celebrate the release of this special book, I'm having a "Search for the Restorer" contest.

I'll be giving five great prizes. Beautiful cloth Restorer bookbags filled with Christian books (Not MY books, but those of other wonderful authors I know you'll enjoy).

Here's how to enter:

Go to your local bookstores (Christian chains, independent stores, Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc.) and see if you can find The Restorer on the shelves. You might have to hunt in "Inspiration Fiction" or "Christian Fiction" or the "Religion Section" or it might turn up in the "Fantasy" fiction shelves. Can't find it? Ask the manager and suggest he order some copies in. :-)

(Hint - if you've requested bookmarks from me, you can give some to
the manager of the store!)

Post a comment here and tell me about your epic quest and where you found The

On June 15th, I'll draw five names to receive the awesome prizes!

THEN, you can pop over to Rebecca Miller's Fantasy Challenge. Post a comment there and qualify for another drawing for MORE prizes!


Anonymous said...

I saw the Restorer at Northwestern Bookstore on Saturday, May 12, in Coon Rapids.

Chawna Schroeder said...

On May 16th, I found it in the Northwestern Bookstore in Burnsville in the midst of two and a half, rather empty-looking shelves of Becky Miller. But you probably already knew that. :-)

Sharon Hinck said...

Hooray for the wonderful Northwestern Bookstores. :-)

I visited one today to chat with the staff about the variety of new genres in Christian contemporary fiction. It was great fun.

Anonymous said...

With the help of the Barnes & Noble staff, I found THE RESTORER at B&N in Eden Prairie. It was in the Religious Fiction section. Only one copy on the shelf... I did not purchase it as I hoped someone else will find it there as well...and mention that they are looking for it to another staff member at B&N in the process... I am looking forward to reading it soon, however. It will be interesting to see how the style of this book differs from that of the Becky Miller books... by the way, RENOVATING BECKY MILLER was really good. Not often that I like the second in a series even better than the first, but that was the case with the BECKY MILLER titles. The first was very good, but the second was hard to put down.

Anonymous said...

There were three beautiful copies of the Restorer in the inspirational fiction section of Borders in downtown Santa Barbara.
I wanted to turn them face out, but alas, the shelf was too full. The spine has a great picture on it though, so it's still good.

Deena Peterson said...

I hunted high, I hunted low. I went from bookstore to bookstore searching...only to be found wanting. I went to clerks and demanded they order a copy for Christian love, of
Finally, I succombed to temptation and ordered a copy from arrived within two days.

I savored my victory, then once again went out and demanded it be ordered...again in Christian

Sharon Hinck said...

Joyce, I asked a book-store manager friend about what someone should do when there is only one copy. Should they go ahead and buy it but mention it's the last one (hint, hint. Reorder more!)? Or if they buy it, does that mean the book will be gone and not visible to browsers for weeks (or forever). I'll post when I get an answer.

Katie, I'm jealous of my book.
It's in Santa Barbara and I'm not.
But how fun to hear you spotted it!

Deena - thank you for searching and asking your local stores to stock the book. I know that will make a difference!

Anonymous said...

Well, I rushed out to my four local book stores this afternoon. Within 20 miles of me there is a Books-A-Million, a Lifeway, a Waldenbooks (which is owned by Borders) and an indie Christian book store named Go Fish.

Go Fish and Lifeway has your Becky Miller books in stock, but not The Restorer.

Waldenbooks had none of your novels. (Not a surprise, very small store and a manager very down on Christian fiction.)

Books-A-Million had one copy of The Restorer (which I snagged for myself and really plugged the book to the staff). They did not have your Becky Miller books in stock, but I think they just must have been out at this time because I have seen them there in the past.

Shannon McNear said...

I found The Restorer at Books A Million in N. Charleston, SC, on May 19. :-) :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

I just got a copy of your book (The Restorer) this week and read it in just a few hours - very fun read! Great characters and well paced. Our customers will surely find this book on our shelves! I'm looking forward to the next book!
Mgr, Logos Bookstore of Kent, Ohio

Sharon Hinck said...

Todd, Shannon, and Shane,
I'm so excited to hear about the places the book is appearing...and Shane, I'm especially honored that in the midst of SHELVES full of books, you took the time to read The Restorer and plan to carry it in your store. THANK YOU!!!

Deborah said...

i saw several copies of the Restorer at the Books-A-Million in Newport News on May 29th. It was in the Christian Fiction section (they have a rather huge selection, much bigger than Barnes and Noble, which is why I like them better) and there were also some Becky Miller books nearby. i got giddy when i saw it. :)

can't wait to read it!

Anonymous said...

I would like to enter the contest Search for the Restorer. I found two copies of your book at Life Way Christian Book store at the Mall of Ga.

Fantasythyme said...

I found my copy of The Restorer sandwiched between other general fiction books at our Owensboro Family Christian bookstore on Memorial Day.

This left an empty spot on the shelf that will hopefully soon be filled by more copies of this enjoyable book.

I really enjoyed the story, and I'm looking forward to the sequel.

Sharon Hinck said...

Newport News, Georgia, and's so fun hearing about the places it's showing up!

I'll play too (although I'm not entering myself in the drawing).
My hubby and I were on a date to celebrate our anniversary and stopped by the Barnes and Noble in Eden Prairie and found two copies of The Restorer in the "Religious Fiction" shelves. Hooray!

Valerie Comer said...

I already posted at the Fantasy Challenge. My *local* Christian retailer did not have The Restorer (or anything else related to SFF, surprisingly!) but I believe she is ordering a couple of copies tomorrow. Left her a bookmark and talked up the book. And others.

Sharon Hinck said...

Val, you're awesome!
Thanks for spreading the word!
Hugs, Sharon

John Ottinger III (Grasping for the Wind) said...

I found 4 copies of the Restorer at the Borders in John's Creek GA. It was in the Christian Fiction section. The section is only about two chest high shelves, so the fact that so many copies were there is pretty telling! Thanks for having this contest, it was fun.

Sharon Hinck said...

John, I'm so delighted they had so many copies. Thanks for going hunting and sharing the good news!

Anonymous said...

I saw only one copy of The Restorer at Barnes and Nobel in Dana Village Mall this morning. (In Mesa, AZ) Got my copy

Anonymous said...

There was only one copy on display in Family Christian Stores. And now it has a happy home with me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, Just bought The Restorer at Northwestern Book Store in Yorktown.
Took the last one on the shelf, and told the check out person that I had taken
the last one -- hopefully they will put more on the shelf

Anonymous said...

I saw The Restorer on my reading table at home. What a fantastic book! I don't usually ready this type of story, but I couldn't put it down. I finished it and was ready to pick up the the next one. When will it be out? NO PRESSURE!!
I had pre-ordered from CBD so got it as soon as it was on the shelves.
Congratultaions Sharon on another super story.

lilac grandma said...

Hi Sharon. just got back from Mitchells Family Bookstore here in St. Catharines,Ontario, Canada. One copy of The Restorer on the Christian Fiction shelf on June 12.
Loved your secret life of becky miller and told my daughter it would be a great discussion book for her young mothers group at church.
Thanks for entering me in the contest! love and prayers Melody

Anonymous said...


I am delighted to report from the heartland - Wichita, Kansas, to be specific ...

The Restorer has risen with the wheat from the plains of Kansas!

I am 3 for 3 in finding copies in (2) local Christian bookstores and Border's. Indeed, Border's had 4 copies on the shelf in the Christian Fiction section which has now grown to encompass another vertical rack. Praise God!!

Great to see Border's responding with increased shelf real estate.

I will secure a copy from one of the Christian bookstores if only to deplete their supply and prompt them to reorder. :-)

All a part of the plan to "restore" story ... story which shows HIS Glory!

Thank you for inviting us into your creative realm Sharon!


David Fry

Tonja said...

HI Sharon
I found one copy on the Christian Fiction shelf in Barnes and Noble in Baton Rouge, La!!
I had to ask where to find it, which made the worker look it up, and when we found the only copy, I said, "Oh, looks like y'all need to order more!" :)
Then, I pulled it out like a display so that it would be visible to all.
That's the best I could do. Unfortunately, I'm still waiting to read it. I know I'll enjoy it when I do.
bon voyage on your many travels this summer!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sharon,
I found your wonderful,
exciting book at Barnes and Nobel when I bought it. Then in my local search I have located it at Borders Bookstore. I looked at the Family Christian bookstore in Waterford. It was not there. The manager was not in. I left two Restorer book marks with Amy, the cashier. My husband and I both read 'The
Restorer' and cannot wait to read 'The Restorers Son.'
I truly enjoy your works. Thank You!
I have given out the remainder of book marks to my church family. :)
We have a bookstore at my church called 'Positive Pages.' I asked if a few could be put on order. Our minister's assistant is checking into it. Thank You!! Many Blessings~