Thursday, February 22, 2007

Around the World Blog Tour - February

I'm hitting the road for a Virtual Reality Around-the-World Blog Tour!
All of February, I’m visiting wonderful assorted blogs as part of my celebration for the release of RENOVATING BECKY MILLER. Secrets will be revealed, goofy conversations will be posted, reviews shared, questions answered, and at some sites, free books will be given away! So come join the fun and travel along. My itinerary is posted below:

February 1, 2007 Rebecca Luella Miller
And a Spotlight Interview with Jill Eileen Smith
February 2, 2007 Gina Conroy
February 3, 2007 Heather Ivester
February 4, 2007 Cyndy Salzmann
February 5, 2007 Brenda Decher
February 6, 2007 Amy Wallace
February 7, 2007 Tiff Miller
February 8, 2007 Camy Tang
February 9, 2007 Meredith Efken
February 10, 2007 Cara Putnam
February 11, 2007 Tricia Goyer
February 12, 2007 Robin Miller
February 13, 2007 Cheryl Wyatt
February 14, 2007 Novel Journey
February 15, 2007 Mary DeMuth
February 16, 2007 Jennifer Tiszai
February 17, 2007 Margaret Daley
February 18, 2007 Pamela James
February 19, 2007 Alison Strobel
February 20, 2007 Tasra Dawson
February 21, 2007 Danica Favorite
February 22, 2007 Deborah Khuanghlawn
February 23, 2007 Niki Nowell
February 24, 2007 Dan Case
February 25, 2007 Katrina
February 26, 2007 Melanie Dobson
February 27, 2007 Valerie Comer
February 27, 2007 Dee Stewart
February 28, 2007 Narelle Mollet
March 5, 2007 Julie Carobini

Special thanks to Heather Diane Tipton who was my "travel agent" for this tour, and scheduled each stop!

Plus - don't miss these early reviews of RENOVATING BECKY MILLER

ACFW - by Rebecca Miller
Christian Fiction Review
Christian Books for Women
Deena's Books


Valerie Comer said...

Wow, it looks like a great tour and I'm honored to be part of it. I see the real trick will be finding a new angle at the end of the month! Blessings Sharon.

Sharon Hinck said...

Hi, Val!
I love that every reader finds different things that speak to them in a book - so each blog visit ends up being unique.
Don't worry, we won't run out of things to talk about. LOL!
I'm so glad you're a part of this!

Deborah said...

i'm very happy to be a part of your tour. i'm almost done reading "renovating" and i'm loving it!!!

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

I thought I'd mention, you can also find my review of Renovating Becky Miller either on my blog, A Christian Worldview of Fiction or at ACFW where it's still on the front page of the Reviews section, about halfway down. (They've also added genre sections, which makes finding reviews easier, too.)

(the real one)

Sharon Hinck said...

Becky, thanks for mentioning that review! I meant to include it on my list at the end of the blog tour itinerary, but was doing it all late last night and forgot. :-)

I've added the link now.

Sharon Hinck said...

Deborah, I'm SO glad you're enjoying the book!

Amy Wallace said...

Hey, Sharon!

I just posted my blog tour stop which includes an awesome interview ~ Thanks for the great answers! Your personality and encouragement lit up the page~ and my thoughts on Renovating Becky Miller. In case you wonder... I LOVED Renovating! ;-)

Many blessings,

Deena Peterson said...

Just wanted to let you know I posted my review of Renovating Becky Miller on my blog,

And I have to know...does Becky get a trilogy? Please, oh please say yes!!

Sharon Hinck said...

Amy - it's such an honor to share this writing journey with you. You're an example of vulnerability and faith.

Deena - I LOVED what you wrote at your blog, and that you thought I was sneaking a peek into your own journals. Becky rings true for me - but it's a relief to know I'm not the only one struggling with her kinds of issues. As far as a third book - I have one in mind, but we have to wait and see how the first two books do. Publishers make HUGE investments in putting out a book - and it's an extra risk when it's a brand new author like me. So it's understandable that they can't contract more Becky books until they know how these will do.

Cara Putman said...
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Cara Putman said...

My post is up. I LOVED this book, Sharon, and will get reviews up, probably this weekend. It had my laughing, cringing, and crying all at the same time. Folks can stop by and share their renovation stories to be entered in a contest to win a book -- maybe Renovating.

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Forgot to come here and say that I have my spotlight posted on my blog. I'm the 7th stop on this tour. LOL! Would love to see some of you visit as well and I'll be sure to drop by the other blogs on tour to see what else is happening this month.

Sharon...another fantastic book. I thought The Secret Life was great. This one trumps that one. I pray for a 3rd.

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

I was just going to mention that there's another review of Renovating up at ACFW--the one Cara said she was posting. She did! ;-)

Becky (the real one)

Niki said...

I really enjoyed being a part of this blogtour! I loved the book and I posted my review today (23rd). I too would love to continue reading about Becky Miller. What do you say Sharon? ;)

Sharon Hinck said...

Nikki, I LOVED your post. Thank you SOOOO much.
Yep, I'd love to write more Becky books. I need more of them to read. :-)
She's a good magnifying mirror on issues that I need to acknowledge in myself.