Monday, February 12, 2007

Book Store Events with Great Gals

I interrupt the Around the World Blog Tour for a quick photo of an actual IN PERSON book tour visit. This weekend, Christian Author Network members joined to speak, share, and sign books at stores around the Twin Cities. We had a ball, and I hope a little of the immense talent and spiritual depth of these great women rubbed off on me!

Back row: Mary Connealy, Cyndy Salzmann, Judy Baer.
Front row: Susie Larson, Jill Elizabeth Nelson, me, and Susan May Warren.


Cyndy Salzmann said...

It was SUCH fun to see you this weekend, Sharon! And to get a sneak peek at Rennovating Becky Miller!

Niki said...
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Niki said...

That sounds like such a good time. There's something so refreshing about being around women who share some of your passions. Great picture! I met Susan May Warren last summer, through a friend here in Colorado -what a fun lady!

I just wanted to stop by and let you know I'm looking forward to reviewing your book on my blog. It will be my first "official" review. I'm excited, and grateful to Heather for inviting me along for the tour.

I also thought you might like to know I'm posting about THE SECRET LIFE OF BECKY MILLER this Friday (the 16th) I related to your main character so well that I wondered if you've been spying on my life. ;) I laughed and cried...but enough for now. Blessings to you Sharon!

Sharon Hinck said...

Thanks, Niki!
I'm SO delighted you related to Becky. My major goal was to capture some of the authenticity of a Christian woman's life in our culture today. I love all kinds of fiction, including the most fantastical and far-fetched...but for Becky, I wanted to keep it real.
When people tell me they thought I spied on them for material, it makes me beam. :-)