Thursday, March 15, 2007

More from the North Shore

Sunday: Watched the sunrise over Lake Superior, then drove randomly through town until we found a church with services beginning in five minutes. We slipped in the door and found a pew, relaxing into the contemporary worship. All over the world, the body of Christ brings Him worship – sometimes floundering, sometimes awkward, sometimes slightly out of tune. And because God sees us as the pure, redeemed Bride, He takes joy in that worship and finds it beautiful. I felt God’s tender joy over that small gathering. The children who galloped forward for the children’s sermon, the list of events hosted by the church that week –I was delighted to see two different book groups and a writer’s group, along with Bible studies, support groups, mission guilds—the prayers of the church joining with brothers and sisters around the globe.

As we drove north, we stopped to admire ice floes along a stretch of shoreline. Foot-thick chucks of ice were tossed into huge piles by waves and wind, and in the sunlight, glowed with blue light.

More photos tomorrow! Aren't vacations awesome?
Sharon Hinck


Katie Johnson said...

I love seeing your pics of Minnesota. Here in Seattle, you'd never see a lake freeze like that, so it's quite a sight!

My husband works in Utica, Michigan, near Detroi for about half of each year, so when I travel with him, I get to see frozen lakes like this. Huge bodies of water frozen over so thickly-I can't get over it. Ice shacks pepper the surface, which is also strange to me, and my husband will walk right out in the middle!

I stay about 2 feet from shore, walking gingerly over the two-feet- thick frozen ice because I'm SURE I'm about to plummet to my death. It gives me the willies just thinking about it!

Sharon Hinck said...

Hi, Katie!
I'm with you about sticking close to shore. We had a LOT of trucks and snowmobiles go through ice on area lakes this winter. Even on this trip, we saw ice houses on sections of ice, surrounded on a couple sides by open water! AK! No fish is worth that risk!