Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Being a Fool

The weather sent a little April Fool's joke to Minnesota. This is the view from my window. I appreciate the beauty of snow-flocked trees, but I'm SO ready for Spring!

Today I wrote about the beauty of foolishness over at Faithchicks. Please stop by and leave a comment!


Sharon Hinck

Sharon writes stories for the hero in all of us. Her two latest releases are Symphony of Secrets and The Restorer's Journey. Learn about them here:
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~Just*Flinn~ said...

Loved the post! I am a author wannabe, and there are times when I just want to put down my pencil and quit, for the same reason you mentioned. Your post encourages me. I am proud to be a fool for God!

Valerie Comer said...

We had snow this morning, too, but less than you. I TOTALLY echo your being ready for spring!

Karenee said...

Dear Sharon,
Restorer's Journey was a lovely break for me this week. My husband sent me to Barnes and Nobles with a gift card and told me not to come back till I'd purchased something to relax with. I was so glad to find your book on the shelf. I'll have to special order the other titles I don't yet own, but soon I will have them ALL! Mwahahaha!

Ok, so living with boxes piled to the ceiling and a half-finished house renovation may be getting to me. Thank you again for sharing your talents. I am currently sharing my library among friends during the move, so I think you'll soon have several more faithful fans awaiting the next books.

Sharon Hinck said...

finn- don't put the pencil down. :-)

Val - our snow is melting today...Spring is just around the corner...I can smell it.

karenee - I'm overjoyed that Restorer's Journey gave you some entertainment in the midst of the stress of moving. :-) And thank you so much for telling others about my books. I'm so grateful!