Wednesday, April 30, 2008

2008 Christy Award Finalist - The Restorer

I just learned that The Restorer, (my fantasy/women's-fiction novel about a middle-American mom pulled through a portal into another world to fill a heroic role for a nation waiting for a promised Restorer), is a finalist for the Christy award!

I'm so in awe of God's kindness and unexpected blessings.

You can read about this award at the Christy Award site.

I'm particularly honored for two reasons. The 2007 year saw a wealth of beautiful Christian fiction in the "Visionary" category -- and I have huge respect for the other authors in the field and their work. On top of that, the two other nominees are amazing. Jeff Overstreet's book, Auralia's Colors, garnered super reviews -- it's on the shelf near my bed waiting to be read. Stephen Lawhead (his novel, Scarlet, is nominated) has been an author I've revered since college (many many years ago). He's truly one of the great Christian fantasy and adventure authors of our time.

Looking over the list of nominees in all the categories filled me with gratitude toward God. I've always believed that He is so awesome and multi-faceted that we need a variety of ways to communicate about Him - every form of art. And within the art form of the novel, we need a variety of genres and voices. I'm thrilled by the skilled authors who are serving Him by writing novels - contemporary, historical, humorous "lits", romance, suspense, visionary, and more.

Sharon Hinck

Sharon's Books


Valerie Comer said...

Yay!!!! And you're right, the company you're keeping on that list is pretty cool. {{BIG HUGS}}

Dona Watson said...

I am sooooo excited for you. I told my husband this morning, "Look! One of my favorite books is a Christy nominee!!!" ...yes, the list of nominees is prestigious and Restorer definitely belongs on that list! Congrats!!


Shane Deal said...

Wow! That's cool.

Mary DeMuth said...

This makes me exceedingly happy for you! Isn't God good???? Hooray!!!!!!