Friday, April 17, 2015

Bonus Scene 3 - The Restorer

Here's another bonus scene - sharing a mother's perspective on her grown children and the new visitor to Braide Wood. This moment would fall after Chapter 8 in The Restorer.


When Tristan disappeared down the trail toward the healer’s lodge, I hurried back into the house and pulled out crates of root vegetables and my favorite dried herbs. No skimping today. Tristan was home. He looked a little worse for wear, but he was home.

I hummed as I kneaded dough for some fresh rolls.

Lukyan had told me once that it didn’t honor the One to indulge in constant worry for my children. “They belong to the One, and He has His hand in their lives.” Easy for him to say. He’d never had children like Tristan, Talia, and Tagatha.

How could a mother not worry? Especially when a mother’s love wasn’t enough to keep danger and harm away from her children. Even a mother’s fervent prayers didn’t guarantee that her children would be spared suffering. If my prayers could have brought Kendra back and healed Tristan’s broken heart, it would have happened a thousand times over by now.

Tristan had been gone so long that worry visited me daily—a guest I kicked out again and again, but one who kept knocking.

Of my three children, Tristan wasn’t usually the one to keep me awake at night with worry. His work leading the guardians of Braide Wood was difficult and held some risks, but he was responsible, a strong leader, a man who inspired confidence and trust. It was my youngest who had caused me the most pain over the years. Little Tagatha had shocked me when she’d pledged herself to a man from Lyric and had chosen city life far from her family and clan. My happy mood faded as I thought of the grandchild I rarely saw because of her choices.

I reached overhead and pulled down some dried stalks of sageno. Rubbing the leaves between my hands released their earthy scent, and I pummeled my dough until the herbs were blended well. There’d be time to worry about Tagatha later. Tristan was home—that was what I needed to focus on. Tristan and Kendra. It must have killed him to stay away from her so long.

Every few days I walked to the healer’s lodge and tried to see Kendra, but the stubborn old healers wouldn’t let me spend time with her. Too dangerous, they said. Pah. Families need each other. It was keeping them apart that was dangerous. Fortunately, Tristan was a lot bigger and carried a sword, and I suspected they wouldn’t be able to keep him from seeing her.

Now what to do with the strange woman he’d brought with him? As thrilled as I was to see him, I didn’t know what to think of her. A lost and desperate look haunted her eyes.

Well, whatever her problems, they could surely be helped with a hearty bowl of soup. I set my biggest bowl on the heat trivet and stuffed it with ingredients.

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