Monday, April 06, 2015

Song of Lyric Contest!


In celebration of the upcoming release of The Deliverer (book 4 in the Sword of Lyric series), I'm hosting a fun contest with a very special prize.

To participate, write your own song lyrics and email them to me. (s.hinck AT comcast DOT net)

During April and May, I'll post entries to my blog. A panel of judges will rate them in three areas:

1. Artistry  (the beauty and power of your verses)

2. Engagement (how many people post comments to the blog the day your entry is posted)

3. Appropriate to story world (would this be a song one of the Songkeepers in Lyric would sing? No anachronisms that don't fit the world? Any reference to elements from the books?)

The winner will be chosen in June, and will receive a free personalized autographed copy of The Deliverer as soon as it releases. AND the lyrics will be set to music by a professional musician. He will even provide you with a score of your musical work! I can't wait to read and share your lyrics!

You can submit up to three entries, so start creating lyrics!

Sharon Hinck


Renee S said...

I'm just so excited to hear there's a book 4 coming!!! Yayyy!

Sharon Hinck said...

I'm excited for folks to find out what Kieran and Linette have been doing in Hazor. :-)

And please consider writing a verse or two for the contest.

kc said...

I am in. What fun!

Sharon Hinck said...

Email your song as soon as you're ready. I'm hoping to have entries to post beginning next week. :-)

Unknown said...

I am so excited that the 4th book is soon coming out! When is the release date and can I pre-order?

Sharon Hinck said...

Thanks, Nisho! I'm excited, too!
It's scheduled to release in July, but preorders will be available before then. If you subscribe to my Book Buddy e-newsletter (see the front page of my website to sign up) you'll be notified as soon as it's available. :-)

Jake said...

Is there any sort of hard deadline?

Sharon Hinck said...

Thanks for your question, Jake!
I'll accept entries during April and May - but the entries will go to the judging panel on May 31st. So folks who send them at the last minute won't get posted on my blog before the judging (to benefit from the extra points for comments on their work). Best bet is to get it in soon so you'll have a May slot to be posted on my blog. :-)

Jake said...

I just tried to send in my song to s.hinck (at) comcast (dot) com, but I got an automatic email immediately afterward that said the email was permanently rejected by the Comcast server. Is that the right email?

Sharon Hinck said...

Hi, Jake!
I'm so sorry the email didn't work for you. It is the correct email...I have no idea why you got a bounceback. Try this one: sharon (at sign) or go to my website and paste the song into the "Contact Me" box. I'll be checking my emails for your entry. If you continue to have trouble, post here again. We'll get it figured out. :-)

Sharon Hinck said...

Jake - I figured it out... you sent it to it's supposed to be
s (dot) hinck (at)