Monday, May 25, 2015

Sound Track for Geese

I'm not wild about geese. On the city land behind our house, a pond attracts lots of Canadian geese. They enjoy strolling into our yard and coating it with goose scat (is that what it's called?). I prefer watching the heron that sometimes wades in the shallows, or the deer that often wander across the woods on the far side of the pond, or even the bunnies that romp all over our yard, even though they sneak into my vegetable garden.

But one day I was working at my desk and listening to a flute concerto.

As I paused to sip tea and looked up from my manuscript, a flock of geese flew in to land on the pond. Their wings synchronized for a few seconds with the meter of the music. The water sparkled as they made contact, and the splashes matches the trills of the flute.

It took my breath away.

Lord, give me a new soundtrack for all the mundane and annoying things in my life. Help me hear the orchestra of your love and grace which transforms a simple, common scene into a moment of transcendent beauty.

Thank you for creating geese, after all. Amen

Sharon Hinck (author of The Deliverer)

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