Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cindy's Book Club

I interrupt my tour recap to let you know that The Restorer was chosen as an August book club selection by Cindy Swan for her radio show, and you can hear snippets of our interview at Notes in the Key of Life.

You can also learn more at Cindy's Book Club (a reading experience brought to you by 101QFL, Marlar in the Morning, and the Cannoli Caffe).

I had a BLAST taping the interview with Cindy, who had terrific questions for me. She'll continue posting some of our chat throughout August as a lead up to the book discussion night.

If you stop by her blog, be sure to leave a comment to thank her for picking The Restorer, and for all she does to promote Christian fiction. She rocks!



Justin B. said...

That's awesome!

everlastingscribe said...

Absolutely fantastic! If I didn't have to move onto other books for another author signing I'd read it along with her (somehow) I did read it twice ;) and still am delighted with it and gleaning more and more as I meditate on the truths you highlight. Hey, I have to do something till RESTORERS SON is available.

Pais Charos said...

No kidding... hehe

Sharon Hinck said...

Thank you so much. Today I hung my banner on my office door - and thanked God again for the warmth and encouragement you offered me.

I've learned of some other book clubs who may be doing The Restorer, and I'm so delighted. It's a great story to discuss with friends.

Maybe I'll have to set up some sort of forum or discussion (where folks can discuss spoilers away from public view) :-)