Friday, July 27, 2007

Fantasy Fiction Tour Day Five (July 13, 2007)

Have you wondered how the guys kept up on their blogs during the tour? Jennifer (shown here with Christopher) spent time in each bookstore editing the day's video logs while we authors were signing books and chatting. When we'd reach host homes (often well after ten at night) the guys grabbed a chance for internet hook-up. I didn't bring my laptop, but the guys occasionally let me borrow theirs. However, prying writers away from their computers is NOT easy. Besides, they all get so much fan mail, that they need hours a day just to keep up on answering it. :-)

Add to this, the fact that my eyes were usually crossing with fatigue, I decided to blog about the tour AFTER getting home.

Friday was my special day. Margaret drove me to the SHARON'S Corner Shopping Center on SHARON Lane for our noon event at Barnes and Noble in Charlotte. I rejoined the team and we had another great event, meeting some friends I'd only known online. Throughout the tour I was VERY blessed by all the ACFW members who came out to support us. American Christian Fiction Writers is a terrific organization that I've been a part of for about four years.

We headed out of Charlotte at about 2:30 for the 3.5 hour drive to Borders in Raleigh. Another fun event - but I don't think I was the only one struggling to remember what city we were in or how many days had passed. :-)

That night we stayed with lovely friends of Christopher (the guy has friends EVERYWHERE) which is where these "catching up on blogs" photos were taken. I had a blessed and heartfelt conversation with the mom of the house who has an amazing testimony about God's grace poured out in her life. We talked at length about trusting that God is using us for His service - even in obscure ways - about being willing to do BIG things for Him, but also being resolved to do the SMALL things to His glory. :-)

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