Friday, July 13, 2007

Four Events

Yesterday was FULL. Full of wonderful interactions, new friends, and faces of readers excited about Christian fantasy fiction.

We started with a lovely breakfast at Jodie's home (she's Christopher's editor and let us all sleep at her place) then did a drive-by at a general market store. Then we did a full event at a different store. They had prepared a beautiful large area for us to sign books, draw for door prizes, and chat with customers at the front of the store. Jackie, from Wayne's publisher, then graciously treated us to a quick lunch before we buzzed to another store for a fast drive-by to greet staff and sign in-store copies of our books. Then it was time to hit the road for the next city.

I seriously can't keep track of which city I'm in or what day it is...but you can keep track by checking our itinerary on

We're traveling in two vehicles, a white van and a black car (don't ask me the models, I never know that stuff). On this next leg I rode with Jennifer (Christopher's amazing wife) so we could have "girl talk" and get to know each other. She is a gem.

We finished the day somewhere in North Carolina at a big Barnes and Noble (I think...or was it a Borders?) with a REALLY warm, fun staff. A woman who teaches stage combat stopped by and offered to teach some moves to the guys. Pretty soon she had a crowd in front of the store while a couple of the guys played with their swords.

Other than Christopher trying to lop off my leg at our mid-day event (he was demonstrating his ballet pique-turns while wearing his cloak and sword) there were no mishaps. People everywhere have been curious, gracious, excited, and warm.

Last night, I rode up to Charlotte with my friend Margaret. She came down to the Ashville event to get me, so I could spend a night at her beautiful new home. Margaret was the founder and head of the small writer's group "Word Servants" that I joined when I began writing The Restorer. She remembers the night I brought in the first chapter to read. It was a treat to reminice with her. We are celebrating how God can open impossible doors and do beautiful things through our humble availability to Him.

Still battling the cold, cough, sore-throat, sinus stuff. Keep praying please. :-)
It might help if I stopped chatting non-stop, but people are just so COOL I can't help it. I'm thanking God for honey-lemon Halls cough drops. They are keeping me going.

Don't know when I'll have access to a computer or internet next, but as always, watch the video diarires on our Fantasy Tour official website.

Hugs to all,


Pais Charos said...

The white van is a Chevy Astro... I know that van well :) The other car *shrugs* I don't have a clue :P

Still praying for you, Sharon. I'm glad that you were able to spend some time with your friend in Charlotte!

Can't wait to see you TOMORROW!!!

Roheryn said...

heh heh, trust you to know the model... ^__^

Will continue to pray!

Pais Charos said...

Like I said - I know that vehicle well :) I even drove it once.

I went to Michael's today to get something for a present I'm making for the authors, and happened to glance over at the parking lot for our Barnes and Noble and saw a white Chevy Astro.

My first thought was, "Nuh-uh... Mr. Davis would've told me if they were coming to Lynchburg!" So I drove behind it, looking for the "Sonshine Skippers" sticker. It wasn't his van.

If it had been, I would've been a bit perturbed :P

Still praying Sharon!