Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day Two - (July 10, 2007)

Another full day at ICRS with media interviews, cheering on my friends, and a Fantasy Fiction Tour group signing. This was a bit of a surprise, since we'd been told to show up for a photo-op and didn't realize we had been scheduled for a group signing. We scrambled to find books - some publishers had extras we were able to use (although I ran out about half-way through the signing and just signed bookmarks for folk). Good reminder for me (the type A gal) to roll with things and be adaptable - something I need more practice at.

I had another fun moment that afternoon. NavPress was featuring The Restorer's Son at their booth - so copies were propped up on shelves as a display. I was curious since I knew the book hadn't gone to press yet, and I peeked inside one. Blank pages. :-)

I decided it was a new version of the old "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. Or a companion journal for the book. LOL! Actually, it was very exciting seeing the mock-ups. The cover is gorgeous. I also loved meeting NavPress staff from sales, marketing, and editorial. They are all warm, enthusiastic, and gracious and I was glad for a chance to thank them for all they do.

Late in the afternoon, I was asked to mingle with CBA members in a lounge area and had wonderful chats with several couples who own stores. From there, my hubby and I followed Bryan Davis as he and his daughter whisked us away (seriously, Bryan walks VERY fast) to his van. He had lined up a book signing in nearby Douglasville, GA for that evening.

He has a huge fan base in the area, and it was so fun seeing young people come in to meet him - some near tears at meeting an author they loved so much. My hubby shared later how impressed he was with Bryan's heart for service. He spends hours each day responding to emails and posts on his forums, reaching out to his young readers.

I still had only "on the fly" impressions of my other tour mates, but a certain knowledge that God had a good adventure planned for us.

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