Saturday, July 21, 2007

Touching my heroes

Another photo of the signing for The Restorer at the NavPress booth first thing Monday July 9, from 10-11 am.

But still going back a few steps, before ICRS began, I was VERY privileged to share a morning devotion with members of the Logos retreat on July 6th.

These are independent Christian bookstore owners - and I felt so at home with them. My husband's parents owned an independent Christian bookstore for many many years, and I spent some vacations working there.

I was able hear their stories, and speak from the heart about what a difference their efforts are making. My faith journey was deeply nourished by the books of Christian authors over the years.

A few days later, I was walking in to the Baker dinner, and met Brother Andrew. I heard him speak in the 1970s in Minneapolis, and followed and supported his work for years. Another chance to greet someone whom God used in my life.

Then the day of my signing for the Restorer, a sweet woman chatted while I signed her book. "My husband also has written some fantasy," she said quietly.

"What's his name?"

"Calvin," she answered.

I stared at her name badge. Her last name was Miller.

I gulped. "THE Calvin Miller?"

I began to sputter and hyperventilate and try to express how much his books have meant to me over the years. She accepted my hysteria (and her copy of The Restorer) graciously. A little while later she returned. Calvin Miller was signing his new book at the same time as my signing, so she had him sign one for me and she delivered it to me. Wow.

The line continued steadily, but at eleven, I was supposed to head to a different booth for the Fantasy Fiction Tour meet and greet. Ted went to let them know I was still deep into the NavPress signing. They'd all forgotten I was doing that event, and had been leaving worried messages on my cell-phone as they were carrying in the swords and costumes and getting prepared. Ted explained my dilemma and they schmoozed the crowd without me for awhile until I could get there. More on the team, our swords, and the initial tour events in my next blog! But you can also see highlights on the video diary page of the Fantasy Fiction Tour website.

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Pais Charos said...

Hehe, yeah, I remember reading on one of their blogs (I think it was Bryan Davis') that they had been worried about you, only to find out you just couldn't get away! That's awesome!