Thursday, July 12, 2007

What day is it, Wayne?

It's Wednesday...

SO much happened on the book tour yesterday that after each event I asked Wayne what day it was... yet it was always still Wednesday.

We left Atlanta about 9:30 and hit the road, chattering like only a group of writers can about plot and craft and goals and process and reader mail and loads more.

The theme for me in the past few days has been one of God reconnecting me with past spiritual heritage links...

At ICRS I met Brother Andrew (His book, "God's Smuggler" was very influential in my life in my teen years). I felt so much awe meeting someone who has served the Lord with risk and sacrifice for so long.

I discovered that Christopher Hopper (one of the tour mates) grew up as part of the community of Love Inn in upstate New York. When I was a teen, Scott Ross and his radio show, and the arts focus of their community inspired my fledgling faith. Not only that, but his next door neighbors were Ted and Dawn Sandquist. At a large Christian conference (I think it was Kansas City) also back in the 70s, I saw Dawn dance a worship piece to "Courts of the King" and God quickened my heart as He showed me that I could use my love for dance to communicate about Him... it started me on a path that led to one day being artistic director of a Christian dance/drama ministry. It was like discovering a long-lost cousin to chat with Christopher about all that.

Then, one of the pioneers in our generation for Christian music, Phil Keaggy, came to our signing last night. Meeting him was another honor - and reminded me again of the interweaving threads of spiritual influence and heritage.

Another AMAZING thing about last night's event...

A marketing gal from Wayne's publisher came, a group of ACFW writers that I knew from online came, many of Bryan's young fans came (in costume!) and of course, Christopher's friend Phil, as well as plenty of strangers.... and they all mingled at various times and made interconnections. One of the guys commented on how well God multi-tasks.

We arrived at our host home (Christopher's editor) about 1 am, and are preparing to leave for some drive-bys and then a noon event before another lengthy drive. Tennessee is beautiful. Nashville was amazing. Onward and upward.

P.S. Thanks to all for praying. Weather has been lovely, cars working, not getting lost, everyone getting along AND building true bonds of fellowship. Keep praying about my bad cold. My voice goes in and out, throat still hurts quite a bit, and very congested. But yesterday I was running on adrenaline and barely noticed most of the time. :-)

Don't forget to watch the "Fantasy Fiction Tour Video Diary"!


Pais Charos said...

I'm glad it was such a fun-filled day. I'm praying for you and your health, Sharon.

Can't wait to meet you this weekend!!

Valerie Comer said...

Thanks for the update! Prayers continue for you all--in as many areas as I can think of daily--from health and safety, etc, to God's fullest blessing and door-opening on Christian fantasy.

My thoughts and prayers go with you frequently throughout the day.

Roheryn said...

Praying for your health!

I seriously can't wait 'til all ya'll get up here!