Friday, July 20, 2007

Going Back in Time

The photo shows me at my ICRS booksigning for The Restorer, at the NavPress booth, with friend Amy Wallace.

How marvelous to be back at home and have access to my computer! Before I begin sharing all the cool "God stories" of the book tour, I need to back up to the awesome experiences and wonderful people in Atlanta.

I flew from Minnesota to Atlanta on July 5th. My first treat was running into writer friends at the airport who were on my flight. Wonderful chats prepared me for the weeks ahead. :-)

That evening I had the opportunity to visit with a sales rep from my publisher. She had read The Restorer and loved it. I consider it a HUGE honor when any of the super-busy folk at a publishing house have time to read one of my books. They are all hard at work promoting the many books produced by the publishing house, and could never possibly read them all. That's just the realities. So it was a wonderful gift to hear her enthusiasm and passion. I felt very blessed.

I was also doubly blessed by my two amazing roomates, Susie Larson and Susie Meissner. I asked if I could be an "honorary Susie" for the week. These deep, strong, powerful women of God are the kind I love to hang out with, hoping a little of their wit and wisdom will rub off on me. :-) More about ICRS in my next blog post...

If you haven't seen it, the last several days of the video diaries from the tour are now up - all organized in order on a special page at the Fantasy Fiction Tour site.

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