Sunday, July 01, 2007

Of Swords and Shields

Visit for high quality Medieval swords, clothing and costumes
Step back in time with Real Armor of to relive the past - and keep part of the olde world with you! Find a huge selection of historically designed items from the Medieval Ages, Roman and Renaissance Era. Battle Ready Swords to wield against a mighty foe, Functional Shields to deflect each attacking blow, Historical Clothing and Costumes to complete your ensemble. Everything you need and more!

As I prepare for the fantasy fiction book tour this July, I'm particularly grateful to one of our tour sponsors. John Cooper has generously given each of the four authors a sword (to match the ones in their fantasy novels) and shields we can use as set pieces at our book signings (or for protection if we run into some battles - LOL!)

Since our fantasy novels feature plenty of sword work, this is an exciting chance to touch something tangible, as if it's sprung from the pages of our stories.

If you've never seen his website, be sure to visit!

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Becca Johnson said...

That's an awesome site, Sharon! Now I want to go spend all my money on more swords! LOL!

Becca Johnson